Long recovery to come for Miriam Gössner

Miriam Gössner recovery

Miriam Gössner’s cycling accident over a month ago resulted in more damage
than originally reported according to an article and interview in the Münchner
Merkur newspaper on Friday.

Gössner commented, “It could have been much worse; I could have ended up in a wheelchair, so I had a lot of guardian angels.” It was originally reported that the German star had injuries to three vertebrae, but further examination by doctors found four broken lumbar vertebrae and an injured disc.

As a result of this more serious injury, Gössner’s planned six-week break will be extended significantly. She is currently wearing a corset-style back brace and receiving intensive physical therapy. Regarding the brace, she said, “It’s not pleasant; I feel totally constricted. I can hardly move. Even at night it is difficult. I usually sleep lying on my side, now I have to lie on my back.”  Regarding her return to training, “In August I want to start rollerskiing. My big goal is that I can go to the November training camp in Norway with the team. » Continuing, she added, “If I am not ready to compete in December, then I will start in January.”

Miriam Gössner cycling accident

Yet this has not seemed to have dimmed the 22-year-old’s sunny disposition. Currently in a rehab clinic in Bad Weissee, she commented, « The doctors say that everything will be fine again. The chances of recovery are very high. I don’t even think back to the moments when I lay there after the bike accident, fearing that I might never walk again.”

Gössner, who won three times last season and finished ninth in the World Cup Total Score, feels that her participation in Sochi is not in danger at this point. « Sochi is the only one that counts in this winter. Until then, there is still so much time. I will have every opportunity to get back in shape.”

Switzerland’s Selina Gasparin also had a cycling accident this week, but luckily not as serious as Gössner’s. Gasparin injured her right foot while cycling during a training camp on Crete and returned home to Switzerland for treatment. She currently has a soft cast on her right foot. Gasparin hopes to be back on her feet in two weeks when the cast is removed, and rollerskiing two weeks after that. In the meantime, she is working out in the gym on her strength and fitness.

2 réponses à “Long recovery to come for Miriam Gössner

  1. alles gute für sie, meni deutsch ist nicht so gut und wir hoffen das es wieder gut sein wird für die nächte Saison

    Alles gute aus Frankreich JOELLE Ich hoffe dich zu sehen in Puttlingen und viele Besserrung für deine Gesundheit
    Beste Grusse aus Franreich JOELLE

  2. Alles gute für die nächste Saison , die Fransosen von HOCHFILZEN
    Gute Besseung une bis bald JOELLE und seine Freunde

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