Interview with Magdalena Neuner

Interview with Magdalena Neuner about her new life, biathlon...

Magdalena Neuner  recentely accorded an interview to . Neuner may be only 26 years old but she has already retired as a sportswoman. The two-time Olympic gold medallist and winner of twelve World Championship titles has been successful with Fischer ever since childhood. In this interview she talks about life as a busy bon vivant who doesn’t know the meaning of the word « lazy ».

How does it feel to be retired?
Very good! Things have changed of course. My daily routine is quite different to how it used to be as a sportswoman. I have much more freedom and simply have a couple of days for myself now and again.

How would you describe your current profession?
There is no real description for it. I always tell people I’m a « freelance bon vivant » but I’m basically self-employed and have different jobs.

What are your jobs at the moment?
My jobs change all the time – sometimes it’s filming, it could be a fashion show, autograph sessions, a speech, an interview or a photo shoot. There are also some campaigns which I support. All in all it’s very varied and great fun.

Is there such a thing as a typical working day for you?
Not in the classic sense because I don’t have regular working hours. When I’m at home I get up early to do the housework. And then there are always plenty of other things to do, too. Fan mail, emails or written interviews need replying to. If I have an appointment I also have to leave early most of the time because it takes some time to get there and then the make-up people need you. Very often you don’t get back home until late in the evening and then it’s nice to be able to sleep a little longer the next day.

Are there times when you can just laze around?
I don’t know why but I don’t really know what laziness is. I’m not the type of person who says: « OK, I’m not going to do anything for half a day ». I can always think of something that I could be doing.

What do you like doing most to relax in your spare time?
I like meeting up with my friends most of all and going out to enjoy a cup of coffee from time to time. And I do like the occasional hugo cocktail out on the patio in the afternoon at the weekend. Treats like that were few and far between when I was a sportswoman. But it’s these simple things in life that give me a lot of energy and make me happy.

Do you still have much contact to your former teammates?
I still have a lot of contact with Miri (Miriam Gössner) and Nadine (Horchler). And with the others. Even if it’s not on a weekly or monthly basis, we still keep in touch the whole time and I want it to stay that way.

How did you experience the World Cup opener last year?
I sat down on the couch ready for the first event and switched on the TV. I wanted to see how it is. And it was completely normal. I’ve always watched the men’s events on TV though and perhaps that has something to do with it. It was of course exciting and I was cheering them on, but I saw it from a neutral point of view and saw once again that my decision to stop was the right one.

What are your next plans?
At the moment I’m really busy working together with my advertising partners which is a good thing. There isn’t really anything else at the moment which I would like to get into. There is the topic of starting a family and then I can start thinking about what I really want to do. I have sponsors who will be supporting me for another two to three years and that gives me a little freedom and time for further plans.

Will you be out cross country skiing next winter?
Of course! Cross country skiing will always be part of my life. I do a lot of sport in both summer and winter. I usually stick to skating of course because it comes easier to me. Having said that, I did in fact win the club championship last winter in the 14 kilometres classic race 🙂

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