Getting to know Franziska Preuss

Getting to know Franziska Preuss Interview about Olympic Games and her tastes

She won 3 gold medals at the Youth Olympic Games last year in Innsbruck, she loves running, she loves shooting, her name is Preuss, Franziska Preuß. Get to know this young and very talented member of the German biathlon team who has very nicely taken some of her time to answer my questions…

What do you love about biathlon ?
I love Biathlon because it makes so much fun ! The combination with running and shooting fascinates me and you can always improve something… It’s never getting boring !!

How did you get into this sport ?
I was a career changer and so I started Biathlon at 15. I got a gift coupon to test Biathlon for a day with the « Biathloncamp Fritz Fischer ». This day changed my life, because now I can do my hobby as a profession 🙂 And I’m so lucky about it !

What are your main hobbies ?
My main hobbies are different sports, meet my friends, go shopping, baking, …

I heard that Martin Fourcade inspires you… What do you admire about him ?
He is so a good athlete I think. He always seems to be relaxed and I think he is a very fair athlete.

How is going your summer training ?
My summer training was very good till now. No illness or injury, so I hope that I stay healthy till the winter comes 😉

What are your goals for the upcoming Olympic season ?
I try to start without physical pressure the upcoming season. I will give my best in running and shooting and then I will see 🙂

And last question, what is your main strength ? Your favorite track ? And your favorite competition format ?
Puhh, I think my main strength is fast shooting. I love the tracks in Ruhpolding and my favorite competition is the pursuit.

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