Martin Fourcade takes pursuit victory in Hochfilzen


Martin Fourcade of France followed sprint winner Lars Berger for three loops and the two prone stages. In the first standing stage, Fourcade had a penalty but took the lead for good claiming World Cup win number 27 in 32:43.3, with one penalty. Norway’s Emil Hegle Svendsen finished second with one penalty, 7.7 seconds back while his teammate Tarjei Boe finished third, with two penalties, 17.6 seconds back.

Lars Berger pushed on the first loop and shot clean in the first prone stage to hold on to the lead over Martin Fourcade who was also clean. Ole Einar Björndalen had a penalty, but stayed in third position. In the second prone stage, the top two repeated their clean shooting as did Emil Svendsen who moved up into third position, now followed by Tarjei Boe. Heading into the standing stages, Fourcade closed in on Berger. Fourcade had a single penalty and took the lead. Berger with two penalties fell back, while Simon Schempp moved up to second position after his third clean stage, just like Sumann who was now ahead of Berger. Heading into the final standing stage, the Yellow-Bib wearing Martin Fourcade, pulling over 16 seconds ahead, was well positioned to claim the victory. He sealed the win with five perfect shots before anyone else ever fired once.

Now the battle was for the other two podium spots with Svendsen, the clean shooting Sumann, 24 and 28 seconds back respectively and Boe another four seconds behind them. By 11.3K, Svendsen was solidly in second while Boe had passed Sumann and was pulling away to claim third place.

After the race Martin Fourcade admitted that winning consistently is not easy. « The other guys showed me in every race here that I had to be at my best to win…My plan was to get the lead at the standing shooting and do a good biathlon after that. »

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