Synnøve Solemdal wins 2nd race of her career with Hochfilzen pursuit


Norway’s Synnøve Solemdal won for the second time in Hochfilzen and the second time in her career today by taking the women’s 10K pursuit in 30:16.2, with one penalty. Juliya Dzhyma of Ukraine placed second, with clean shooting, 11.5 seconds back moving from fifth at the start. Krystyna Palka of Poland had the second podium of her career in third place, also with clean shooting, 15.1 seconds back.

Sprint winner Selina Gasparin and Veronika Vitkova battled through the first two loops, with clean shooting by both. Tora Berger was just behind after the first prone, but had three penalties and fell back. Olga Zaitseva was in the mix until she had two penalties in the first standing stage. Synnoeve Solemdal with a single prone penalty cleaned the first standing stage as did Dzhyma; they headed for the finals standing stage one-two, with Vitkova after a standing penalty just behind in third position. On the tracks, Krystyna Palka moved ahead of Vitkova who was falling back as the competition headed into the shooting range for the final time. Synnoeve Solemdal cleaned rapidly and was away heading for her first podium and win of the new season. Dzhyma was solidly in second, but 5 seconds back, with Vitkova
and Palka side-by-side 14 seconds out of first. They would battle for a podium spot. Palka moved away by the 9.3K mark and held on to third place in the uphill finish.

Solemdal had no answer about why she does so well at Hochfilzen, except for one thing. « It is a very nice place, but mostly there is light and sunshine; at home in Norway, it is quite dark here.«  And she never thought about winning here again until the final meters. « Winning again after last year, I can’t believe it. On the last loop I was so afraid that the Ukrainian girl would overtake me but it was enough. It was a crazy feeling, the same place; the same shooting and winning again…I am going to enjoy this, get some rest and then be ready the competitions next week. »

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