Getting to know… Aita Gasparin

picture under the Creative Commons Attribution

The Gasparin sisters made history in 2012 in Hochfilzen by becoming the first three siblings to participate in a Relay competition together.  Aita Gasparin, the youngest of the three sisters, has very kindly accepted to answer my questions few days ago. If you want to know more or discover this very talented and promising biathlete, you are in the right place 😉

First of all, what do you love about biathlon ?
I love the combination of full speed on the cross-country skis and the high concentration at the shooting range. It is a unique combination.

How did you get into this sport ?
My two sisters Selina and Elisa brought me into the biathlon sport. Before I have started with biathlon, I did gymnastics.

Can you tell us about an average training day ?
After I wake up, I eat breakfast. That the first training session in the morning is on skis and with shooting and lasts about two hours. After lunch I recover for quite a while. The second training is usually either on skis or at the gym. Then we have dinner, have some time for us and then go to bed. And every day between the trainings and the teammeetings I have to do my studies for school.

What are your main hobbies ?
In general, many different sports belong to my hobbies. Besides of that, I meet friends and spend some time with my family.

The Olympic Games in Sochi are just around the corner, and you just got your qualification with the relay… How happy are you about that ?
The situation is as followed: The swiss relay team qualified for the Olympics. At the moment I do not know if I will be a member of this relay, but it looks very good. I barely find words to describe how happy I am about the chances the swiss team and I personally have. It is a dream come true, it is amazing and I am looking forward to it.

I guess you are pretty happy about the great results of Selina this year… Your two sisters are surely a great inspiration for you, isn’t it ?
Yes, we were and are so happy for her. We even had to cry…..She really deserves it, because she worked very hard for this. She is an inspiration for both of us, because we see now, that our training philosophy and methods can lead to great success and even world cup victories.

What are your ambitions for the upcoming years ?
I want to improve my capabilities on the track and at the shooting range and as I am still a Junior, I will focus on the Junior World Championships 2015.

And last question, what is your main strength ? Your favorite track ? And your favorite competition format ?
I can concentrate on a very high level and I am focused even if I am nervous. My favourite tracks are at home in the beautiful and unique Engadin. In the world cup series, my beloved tracks are in Ruhpolding and Pokljuka.

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